Br. Ahmad Amawi

Interim Principal

AslamuAlikum Warhmato Allah Waberaktu

Dear respected parents and families,

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious

We have been blessed from Allah SWT by having the Faith Islamic Academy preK-8th grade in our community. We at the academy, in addition to teaching our students the Ohio standards curriculum, we offer the Islamic curriculum which includes the Islamic studies, Arabic language and Quran. We believe that teaching our children the Islamic curriculum and educating them in an Islamic environment is very important to shaping their identity as Muslims and building a strong foundation for their beliefs. Also, we believe that students’ learning and success is a shared responsibility between school and parents. The Faith Islamic Academy staff and teachers strive every day to provide our students with the learning and support they need to promote them to the highest level of education and success in a positive learning Islamic environment. The goal for each student is to grow to become productive member in our Islamic community and society with the best manners and personal characters. May Allah SWT guide us to be role models to our children, our students, and to the people around us.  Jazkum Allah Khairan.


Br. Ahmad Amawi

Master of Education

The University of Akron