Sr. Faten


Asalamu Alakum,
My name is Faten Ahmed and I am a first generation Arab American. I am an Arabic teacher at
Faith Islamic Academy. I teach a myriad of classes including Quran, Arabic, and Tajweed. I
received my 4 year degree from Darul-Uloom located in Cairo, Egypt. I am also certified to
teach Qaeda Al-Noorania. This is a method of learning that is proven to be one of the most
efficient ways to teach children and adults how to read and pronounce the Arabic language. I
was able to take all of this acquired knowledge and teach for 10 years in Saudi Arabia. I then
moved to the United States and have been teaching at Faith Islamic Academy for the past
fourteen years. I have been teaching grade levels 1st through 8th grade. I have had the pleasure
and honor of serving this community and all the beautiful students who have become like my

Sr. Faten, Arabic Studies

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من طلب العلا سهر الليالي

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